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Psycho Paint ™ Silikonfarbe Basis

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Smooth-On ist einer der weltweit führenden Hersteller von 3D-Modellierungsmaterialien wie Formenbau-, Gieß- und Spezialeffektmaterialien, industrielle Gießharze, Klebstoffe und Ausrüstung. FormX ist Vertriebspartner von Smooth-On-Produkten in Europa.

Psycho Paint

Klares, 2-Komponenten Platiunum Silikonfarben Medium (polymer-additiv), welches zum Erstellen von Silikonfarben Verwendung findet. Durch Zufügung von geeigneten Pigmenten (SilcPig, Siltone, FuseFX S-series) ist beinahe jede Farbstellung zu verwirklichen. So entsteht eine Farbe, die sich, bei geeignetem Untergrund (Dragon-Skin Silikone, Ecoflex-Silikone), sehr gut verbindet, und äußerst dehnbar ist, sodass die Farblage beim Dehnen oder Verbiegen des Silikonmodells nicht abblättert. Die Farbe ist zu verdünnen und kann in dünnen Lagen mit Airbrush oder Pinsel angebracht werden.

Technical bulletin Psycho Paint


Psycho Paint

  • Psycho Paint ™ /0,9 kg

    Psycho Paint ™ /0,9 kg

    58,47 EUR

  • Psycho Paint ™ /7,2 kg

    Psycho Paint ™ /7,2 kg

    399,97 EUR


Safety - Use in a properly ventilated area (“room size” ventilation). Wear safety glasses, long sleeves and rubber gloves to minimize contamination risk. Wear vinyl gloves only. Latex gloves will inhibit the cure of the rubber.

Store and use all products at room temperature (73°F / 23°C). This product has a limited shelf life and should be used as soon as possible. Silicone surfaces to be painted can only be Platinum (addition) cured systems. For optimum results the silicone skin/surface, should be painted as soon as possible after demolding. We recommend that the cured piece to be painted be no more than 2 days old.

Clean All Surfaces That Will Contact Psycho Paint® - All surfaces to be painted, need to be free of any contaminants (especially mold release). If necessary, clean all surfaces with solvent (NOVOCS™ Zero VOC Solvent, Toluene, Xylene, or Naptha), and allow to dry before painting.

Measuring Is Done By Volume - The recommended mix ratio is 100 Parts A + 100 Part B + 200-500 Parts Solvent depending on your application (hand painting vs. airbrushing).

Adding Color To Psycho Paint® - Silc Pig® silicone pigments are compatible with Psycho Paint®. There are several colors to choose from, and you can mix colors to create custom colors. The most accurate way to add pigment is by weight (using a gram scale). We recommend beginning by pre-mixing 2% pigment by weight to Part B and pre-mixing thoroughly. Do not exceed a 5% pigment load of the total weight (A+B). You can also use powdered cosmetic pigments to color Psycho Paint®, however a compatibility test is recommended.

Adding Solvent - Once a desirable color effect is attained, add an equal amount of Psycho Paint® Part A. Next, add 200-500 Parts of solvent. Smooth-On’s NOVOCS™ Zero VOC Solvent is recommended. Toluene, Xylene or Naptha are also suitable. Observe all safety precautions when handling combustible or flammable solvents. Mix thoroughly to a uniform color (no streaks).

Applying Psycho Paint® Using An Air Brush - Dispense mixture into air brush siphon cup / gravity cup. Apply thin layers of paint to the model’s surface until the desired color effect is attained.

Brushing Onto A Platinum Silicone Appliance Or Model - Make sure all surfaces are clean. Add the desired amount of Silc Pig® pigment to Psycho Paint® Part B and mix thoroughly. Add an equal amount of Psycho Paint® part A and mix thoroughly. Add solvent if desired. You can then apply Psycho Paint® with a brush. A common application technique is to use a “stippling” effect.

Important - Pot life of undiluted Psycho Paint® (without solvent) is 20 minutes at room temperature.

Curing - Undiluted Psycho Paint® will cure at room temperature in 2 hours. Cure time can be reduced with heat (oven or heat gun). Do not expose to over 212°F/100°C. If heat curing, make sure that all solvents have evaporated from model’s surface, before applying heat.

SilTone Pigments

primary colors

  • SilTone Black /30gr


  • SilTone Blue /30gr


  • SilTone Brown /30gr


  • SilTone Green /30gr


  • SilTone White /30gr


  • Siltone Red /30gr


  • SilTone Yellow /30gr


  • SilTone White /500gr


SilcPig Pigments

SilcPig Pigmenten

  • Silc Pig™ Blau /110ml

    Blau /4oz

    30,43 EUR

  • Silc Pig™ Schwarz /110ml

    Schwarz /4oz

    25,35 EUR

  • Silc Pig™ Braun /110ml

    Braun /4oz

    26,11 EUR

  • Silc Pig™ Grun /110ml

    Grun /4oz

    26,86 EUR

  • Silc Pig™ Rot /110ml

    Rot /4oz

    28,42 EUR

  • Silc Pig™ Weiss /110ml

    Weiss /4oz

    23,80 EUR

  • Silc Pig™ Gelb /110ml

    Gelb /4oz

    28,83 EUR

  • Silc Pig™ Fleischfarbe /110ml

    Fleischfarbe /4oz

    40,17 EUR

  • Silc Pig™ Blut Rot /110ml

    Blut Rot /4oz

    51,47 EUR

  • Silc Pig™ light flesh /110 ml

    light flesh /4oz

    37,98 EUR

  • Silc Pig™ Medium Flesh /110 ml

    Medium Flesh /4oz

    37,98 EUR

  • Silc Pig™ Dark Flesh /110ml

    Dark Flesh /4oz

    36,69 EUR

  • Silc Pig™ Cyan /110ml

    Cyan /4oz

    32,19 EUR

  • Silc Pig™ Purple /110 ml

    Purple /4oz

    32,31 EUR

Ignite Pigments

Ignite Pigmente

  • Ignite GRÜN /120ml

    Ignite Fluor Farbe GRÜN /4oz

    30,10 EUR

  • Ignite MAGENTA /120ml

    Ignite Fluor Farbe MAGENTA /4oz

    26,89 EUR

  • Ignite ORANGE /120ml

    Ignite Fluor Farbe ORANGE /4oz

    26,89 EUR

  • Ignite PINK /120ml

    Ignite Fluor Farbe PINK /4oz

    30,10 EUR

  • Ignite GELB /120ml

    Ignite Fluor Farbe GELB /4oz

    26,89 EUR

  • Ignite BLAU /120ml

    Ignite Fluor Farbe BLAU /4oz

    30,10 EUR

  • Ignite ROT /120ml

    Ignite Fluor Farbe ROT /4oz

    30,10 EUR

  • Ignite White /120ml

    Ignite Fluor Color White /4oz

    32,82 EUR

  • Ignite Purple /120ml

    Ignite Fluor purple /4oz

    26,89 EUR


You might also need...

  • Mixing Beakers
  • Measuring Cups & Jars
  • Weighting devices
  • Brushes
  • Protective Gear such as gloves
  • Release agents
Mischen, Messen und Wiegen

Messen, Wiegen und Mischen


  • Measuring cup /30ml

    Measuring cup 30ml + graduation

    0,19 EUR

  • Measuring cup /125ml

    Measuring cup 125 ML + Graduation

    0,48 EUR

  • Measuring cup /350 ml

    Mixing and measuring beaker

    0,57 EUR

  • Measuring cup /700 ml

    Mixing and measuring beaker

    0,63 EUR

  • Measuring cup /1400 ml

    Mixing and measuring beaker

    0,80 EUR

  • Measuring cup /2300 ml

    Mixing and measuring beaker

    1,46 EUR

  • SO mixing cup /473ml

    SO mixing cup /16oz

    1,04 EUR


  • SO mixing cup /946ml

    SO mixing cup /32oz

    1,09 EUR

  • SO mixing cup /1892ml

    SO mixing cup /64oz

    2,84 EUR

  • SO mixing cup /4880ml

    SO mixing cup /165oz

    3,35 EUR

  • Mixing beaker /1000ml

    plastic mixing beaker 1162 ml

    0,64 EUR

  • Mixing beaker round /500ml

    Mixing Beaker, Round, Polypropylene, 500 cc contents

    0,25 EUR

  • Mixing Bowl square /2000ml

    180x180 mm

    0,91 EUR

  • Flexible mixing cup /500ml

    Flexible mixing bowl for gypsum, alginate etc. 500 ml

    8,05 EUR


  • Flexible mixing cup /1750ml

    Flexible mixing bowl for gypsum, alginate etc. 1750 ml

    19,34 EUR

  • Injektionsspritze mit

    Katheterspitze /50ml

    5,76 EUR

  • Wooden tongue spatula

    with rounded ends

    3,42 EUR

  • Mixing stick small

    220x17x3 mm

    0,05 EUR

  • Mixing stick big

    300x20x4 mm

    0,24 EUR

  • Turbine Mixer

    Turbine Mixer

    16,11 EUR

  • Colad Turbomix /per 200

    Paint stirrers Professional per 200 stirrers in dispenser.

    61,38 EUR

  • Tristar KW2430 Scale

    Digitale keukenweegschaal. Weegt tot 2kg op 1 gram nauwkeurig. Exclusief batterij.

    20,21 EUR



  • flat brush 30mm

    flache Einwegbürsten

    0,80 EUR

  • flat brush 40mm

    flache Einwegbürsten

    0,92 EUR

  • flat brush 50mm

    flache Einwegbürsten

    1,39 EUR

  • flat brush 60mm

    flache Einwegbürsten

    1,38 EUR

  • flat brush 70mm

    flache Einwegbürsten

    1,39 EUR

  • Calupaint Platte 40mm

    Calupaint Platte 40mm

    2,60 EUR

  • polyesterkwast 20mm

    polyester brush 20mm round

    3,09 EUR

  • polyesterkwast 25mm

    polyester brush 25mm round

    3,51 EUR

  • houten polyesterkwast 35mm

    houten polyesterkwast 35mm

    2,21 EUR

  • houten polyesterkwast 50mm

    wooden polyester brush 50mm flat

    3,46 EUR

  • Polyester kwast plat 75mm

    Polyester brush, Flat, 75 mm

    3,33 EUR

  • Pinsel 40mm, holz, blank

    Brush, flat, 40mm, wooden handle.

    2,84 EUR



  • 3M safety glasses Classic

    3M safety glasses Classic

    15,19 EUR

  • Glove Nitrile M

    Glove Nitrile M

    11,01 EUR

  • Glove Nitrile XL

    Glove Nitrile XL

    11,01 EUR

  • Glove Nitrile L

    Glove Nitrile L

    11,01 EUR

  • Glove Nitrile S

    Glove Nitrile S

    11,01 EUR

  • 3M 06941 Halfgelaatmasker

    3M 06941 Halfgelaatmasker

    50,53 EUR

  • Paint spray mask Colad

    Easy to wear paint spray mask

    35,39 EUR

  • Filter ABEK1 for 3M 6200 maskers

    Protection against chemicals vapors

    36,87 EUR

  • Stenchmask carbon fibre

    Stenchmask carbon fibre

    5,41 EUR



Spray Releases

  • Safety Info Acmos

  • Acmos 82 aerosol /400gr

    Trennmittel in einer Sprühflasche. Geeignet für Polyester, Epoxidharze, PMMA und Polyurethane. Fü...

    20,63 EUR

  • Ease Release 200 aerosol /400gr

    Removable aerosol release agent - silicone based - 400 gram spraycan

    19,54 EUR

  • Ease Release 300 aerosol /400gr

    for PU, epoxy, polyester, RTV silicones and thermoplastics.

    18,22 EUR

Spray Releases

  • Safety Info Ease Release Group

  • Ease Release 400 aerosol /400gr

    Removable aerosol release agent - silicone based - spraycan 400grams

    21,33 EUR

  • Ease Release 500 aerosol /400gr

    Removable aerosol release agent - silicone based - spraycan 400 gram

    22,30 EUR

Spray Releases

  • Safety Info Universal Mold Release

  • Universal Mold Release aerosol /400gr

    Silicon based Universal release agent - aerosol, without ozone gas - spraycan 400 grams

    17,05 EUR

  • Kwikee Sprayer

    946 ml Pressure Sprayer

    138,57 EUR

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